One of the most direct ways to invest in Heshima Kenyaʼs young women is to support our Maisha Collective by hosting a scarf party at your home, or in your community. 

Maisha Collective scarf parties aim to not only sell scarves and generate income for the Maisha Collective, but also to ignite dialogue about the hardship that unaccompanied refugees face and the response of Heshima Kenya. Heshima Kenya reinvests ALL profits from sales into the Maisha Collective and to support the membersʼ continued engagement in our case management, education, and shelter programs.


Host a Maisha Collective scarf party in your home, workplace, local café, or other community location: 

  • Invite your friends over for appetizers, desserts, or cocktails and a cause
  • Order scarves to sell at your local fair, festival or concert
  • Organize a mother-daughter evening with your friends to discuss womenʼs rights and display scarves
  • Gather your book club to talk about womenʼs experiences of gender-based violence; ask participants to purchase scarves
  • Get your church group involved and plan a small gathering focused on human rights and advocacy
  • Compete with your friends to see who can get the most friends to buy a Maisha Collective product 



If you would like more information about organizing a scarf party, please contact Alisa Roadcup at [email protected]