The Case Management is a vital component of Heshima Kenya’s holistic services due to the myriad of health, emotional and physical protection issues experienced by unaccompanied refugee children and youth. In addition to conducting an intensive intake assessment, Heshima Kenya facilitates comprehensive case management to all program participants by providing the following services to all participants. 

  • Referrals and funds to access medical assistance through our network of partner clinics and hospitals.

  • Staff accompaniment to all appointments to ensure safety and accuracy of information received

  • Referrals and follow-up support to Department of Refugee Affairs and UNHCR for registration and referrals for Red Cross family tracing

  • Referrals to legal aid clinics to support appeals, custody orders, and child protection orders.

  • Mental health counseling through individual and group sessions

  • Regular home based assessments and support to host families as a means to ensure protection and reduce future displacement through home visits and monthly food baskets.

  • Material support for girls transitioning from the Safe House Program to independent living arrangements.

Heshima Kenya aims to empower each participant with the skills and resources required to advocate for their own rights and needs.  This support provides them with the ability to access services independently so that in the future they know where and how to access services, what to expect, and how they should be treated.