Grace's Story

At the tender age of 14, soon after losing her parents in a violent attack on her village, Grace was forced to flee her home in South Sudan.  During her journey, Grace was captured and forced to marry a member of the militia.  After a harrowing year, Grace managed to escape to a nearby church with another young woman. She was 15 years old.

With the support of the congregation, Grace arranged a ride to UNHCR offices in Nairobi.  The officials at UNHCR referred her to Heshima Kenya for care and protection. Grace was welcomed into our Safe House, which provides a safe and protected place for young women and their children to live, heal and grow. She was soon enrolled in Heshima’s Girls’ Empowerment Project and received specialized Case Management for medical services and counseling.

Today, Grace is thriving. She has immersed herself in Heshima’s healing community of girls and women who share similar experiences and backgrounds.

“I finally feel like I have found a family again–a mother and a friend in Heshima Kenya. I will continue with my studies and become a nurse,” says Grace. She is well on her way to achieving her goals and is currently focused on improving her English to continue her education.

Because of supporters like you, Grace and the other young women of Heshima Kenya are given the opportunity to heal and prosper. At this critical moment in history when the global refugee crisis is at an all-time high, Heshima Kenya’s programs have never been more critical. Thank you for your ongoing support, and for believing in the promise of each and every Heshima girl as much as we do.