Heshima Kenya recognizes the importance of educating our partners in government, the NGO sector, policy groups, and civil-society actors about the challenges experienced by the young women we serve. Our advocacy focuses on refugee protection, child protection, and the rights of women and girls. 

Strengthen Identification and Documentation Strategies: We work to ensure that refugees have the information they need about the registration and documentation process. We are also working with our partners to expedite the legal documentation process for unaccompanied refugee children and young women. 

Support Informal Education Programming: Barriers such as discrimination, limited spaces and scarce resources frequently prevent the enrollment of refugee children in public and primary schools. We collaborate with our partners and engage in discussions to ensure that refugee rights are included in the draft Education Bill. 

Support Safe Shelters: We are currently working with our partners to establish and promote the development of holistic, transitional protection shelters for women above 18 years facing protection risks.

Promote Community Education On Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV): Our team conducts workshops with members of the refugee community and host community to inform and create awareness about SGBV response, prevention and community resources. 

Promote Awareness of the Refugee Crisis in East Africa: Heshima Kenya’s Chicago office works to raise international awareness of the global refugee crisis. We host events, galas, speak at universities, conferences and global convenings, conduct communication campaigns, and partner with advocacy groups to ensure representation of issues facing unaccompanied refugee girls and women.