What is the Maisha Collective? 

The Maisha Collective is Heshima Kenya’s social enterprise. You can find all information on the Maisha Collective’s story and mission here


Where are these scarves made?

All scarves are made in Nairobi. However, the girls who make them are not from Kenya, but from all over East Africa. Each scarf comes with a tag with the name and country of origin of one of our artisans. 

How are the scarves named?

You may have noticed that our scarves have names like Angie, Takuma, Yvette, etc. These are the names of the young women who originally created those designs. While the girls themselves may have moved on from the Maisha Collective, their scarf designs have remained and our artisans continue to produce them in different colors and styles.

Who are these girls?

The girls are part of the Maisha Collective’s vocational training program; where the refugee women and girls we serve at Heshima Kenya have the opportunity to learn leadership and business management skills through the design and production of hand-dyed scarves.

What kind of cloth is used to make these scarves? 

We use a cotton/rayon blend. 

Can the scarves be washed? Will the color of my scarf fade if I wash it?

Maisha scarves will not lost their color in the wash. You can wash by hand or machine, and hang to dry. Refresh the scarf by ironing or steaming. 

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